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Hospital Bargaining Updates


March 24, 2021

The HCNT has completed bargaining. Bargaining concluded on March 22, 2021. Mediation then took place with Mediator Matthew Wilson from March 23 to 24, 2021. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach a negotiated or mediated settlement that would meet the priorities identified by our members. We are now proceeding to arbitration on April 20 and 21, 2021 with Arbitrator Eli Gedalof.




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Key messages for our members regarding redeployment, reassignment and inappropriate assignments 

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Media Statement: Long-Term Care

Equal Pay Coalition Close the gender pay gap

March 25, 2021

First recognized in Ontario in 2014, Equal Pay Day is used to demonstrate that women – who generally earn less than men – must work longer to earn the same amount that men earned in the previous year.  Source

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Updates (Central)

Covid-19 updates for our Local (CMH & SMH, Trinity & St.Luke’s)

Anxious, Depressed, Suicidal:

Study reveals shocking levels of mental illness among Canada’s nurses.


With COVID-19’s third wave firmly here in Ontario, we continue to be burdened with stressful situations that impact our mental health. 

I’m pleased to announce that – together with the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) – we have launched a new mental health program for nurses and health-care professionals called Mindwell for Health-care Workers. It is a four-week program that was designed through consultations with CFNU mental health experts and nurse leaders from across the country. We are all very excited about the program, which will offer you, our members, training and tools to better manage stress and difficult situations.

This program is tailored to health-care workers. Please visit the website to find out more and to register. The program starts on April 12 and space is limited, so if you are under stress and you may need help, please register as soon as possible. Please also share this information with your members.

In solidarity,

Vicki McKenna, RN



Struggling with substance use and/or mental illness? You are not alone.

 A voluntary program designed to encourage nurses to seek treatment for substance use and/or mental health disorders that may affect their ability to practice safely.


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